Our Story

The Free from G products are baked in Kauhajoki at the oldest crisp bread factory in Finland. The crisp bread factory, founded by Sylvester Koivisto in 1927, continued baking wheat crisp breads until 2015. In 2012 the Koivisto crisp bread factory was acquired by Pirjon Pakari Seinäjoki and as a result of gluten-free products the factory has now entered a new era.

Gluten-free products are baked under the Free from G, as well as the Hannun 100 % gluten-free brands. The company has received several awards for its gluten-free products and, also received the “The Gluten-Free Company of the year" award in 200117.

The Free from G product story is only beginning.

Our Products

The Free From G products are additive-free as well as naturally gluten-free. The products are therefore, suitable for individuals suffering from grain allergies. Wheat starch for example is not used as an ingredient in the products.

Special attention has been placed on the nutritional content and healthiness of our products and all the products contain substantial amounts of fiber. The products are also dairy-free and a source of vitamin-D and iodine.

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